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vampire diaries exclusive image community

behind the scenes and personal pictures of the cast

Vampire Diaries Finale Spoilers
Thank you  @ShiraRose1 of twitter for uploading an image that contains spoilers about the May 5 and the finale episode.

Source: StelenaForeverXOTumbler

The Vampire Diaries "Bad Moon Rising" Behind the scenes Photo.

A behind the scenes photo of Tonight's episode "Bad Moon Rising" has been posted by the New York Post.

Source: NY Post

TV Guide Image! Preview of tomorrows episode "Bad Moon Rising"
Credit to Denise and Nina Dobrev Network for getting these awesome images scanned.
Photo: TV Guide

Sources: Vampire-Diaries.net , Nina Dobrev Network

Credit: Denise for scanning the TV Guide Image!

Comic Con
Steven R Mcqueen and Kevin Williamson

Steven R Mcqueen with the cast of Piranha

Kevin Williamson and Michael Trevino!

Comic con!
Just a few pictures that have been found of the cast.

Michael Trevino has diffidently been working hard for his werewolf role because now he is ripped!

Cadley Mack just tweeted a photo with the Twilight star Kellen Lutz and two TVD stars Michael Trevino and Matt Davis.

I entered the HUB Productions contest!!!
I hope everyone likes my video!!! It shows my support for Michael Trevino obviously hehe!

Katerina Graham is in Justin Beiber's new music video!!!!
Go check it out everyone! :)

Micha trevino at E3!!!

this picture was posted on Twitter! E3 is the biggest gaming expo!!! Steven R Mcqueen was there as well. Many tvd fans are still looking to see what other stars from TVD were there so far this week!

Michael Trevino's interview,photoshoot, and video!
Here is a sample picture from the shoot provided by breakoutmagazine!


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Awesome pictures from young hollywood awards!

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